Water Damage Photo Gallery

Over Flow

Laundry Overflow

Laundry day... Some people dread it. Especially when your laundry has accumulated.

So what do you do? Shove as many clothes in the washer as you can so there's less loads? Good idea for lessening the clothes load, but bad idea because too many clothes in the wash can cause the machine to overflow!

Watch out on laundry day. 

Bad Scale


How do we measure the amount of moisture damage caused by water?

By using the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus. 

What is this? 

A meter used on floors, walls, and ceilings. It instantly measures the amount of moisture with precise readings. It can also determine the type of material: wood, dry wall, brick, plaster, etc. 

Bath Room

Bathroom Disasters

Having a disaster in your bathroom is the worst! Whether it's your toilet not working, your fosit, your shower, or your tub. It messes with your daily routine. Don't worry though, just call SERVPRO, because we are faster to any size disaster ©

Bedroom Flood

Water Never Ends

Have you ever had water damage affect your ceilings, your walls, multiple levels of your house, and multiple rooms in your house? When you saw the standing water were you nervous that it couldn't be reversed? Did you call SERVPRO and they made it "Like it never even happened." If not, now you'll know for next time; because we are here to help!

Water damage to carpet

Water damage to carpet

A sum pump failure can cause a significant amount of damage to a structure. In this scenario, all carpet and pad were saturated by outside water. Our technicians were called to mitigate the damage. The carpet and pad was removed and disposed and the floor was dried and treated with an antimicrobial solution.

Mold in cabinet

Mold in cabinet

A slow leak caused water and mold damage to the kitchen cabinet and laminate flooring. Since the cabinet was filled with household items, the damage was not visible and it took the homeowners a long time to discover. Our licensed technicians assessed the damage and took all the appropriate measures to mitigate the damage.